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Over the past ten years, Carole has exuded the qualities of an excellent life and business coach. These include being positive, goal focussed, and observant.  Her approach  demonstrates a high level of emotional intelligence combined with exemplary listening.  She is patient and a clear communicator, respectful, supportive and trusted.  This also comes with a level of creativity that has helped me steer my business to success and prepare for a stimulating and fulfilling retirement.

Brian Gunson


M&F Health

(April 2017 – Present)


Munro & Forster Communications

(1990 – 2017)

Carole and I have worked together for over five years. Since meeting her, I have broadened my skills and knowledge base, and it has made me a sought-after employee, ‘recession proof’ in the somewhat unpredictable construction industry.

She has enabled me to develop better ways of working by becoming more self-aware of my behaviours, core values and motivators. These insights have allowed me to prioritise my goals and decide where my focus should lie in my career. This resulted in me moving sectors, from private architectural practice to working for a large private developer and increasing my salary by more than a third.

We have also worked on my personal goals to help me create a sustainable work life balance.

Carole is my champion, my own personal advocator, and my rock. She coaches you to achieve your goals and to do your best with candour and humour. Knowing she is on your side means you can deal with anything that is thrown at you.

Sarah Frith

Senior Design Manager Lovell

What I have valued most about working with Carole is that she has enabled me to make actual changes. She has encouraged me to push myself with personal challenges and to identify and overcome the obstacles I was putting in the way.


Her active and focused style nudged me out of a state of passive reflection and rumination, instead motivating me to take direct actions which made a real difference. By taking more control of my life, my confidence has improved, as has my general satisfaction with life.


I continue to value Carole’s wise coaching, and I don’t believe I would be where I am now without her. I recommend her unreservedly to anyone seeking to make real changes and to move their life forward.

Dr Jacqui Farrants

Registered Psychologist

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