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Business Coaching


The first step is an initial consultation which is free of charge. All business coaching is tailor-made to suit your individual requirements. Once we have talked through your coaching goals, I will assess the scope of the help you need and discuss the details of your programme and my fees. 


Frequency of Sessions

Frequency and length of sessions will also be agreed depending on the goals that are set and the issues to be addressed and any time pressures. For example. creative thinking sessions, marketing plans and branding may require longer sessions to maintain flow and focus. Business coaching for individuals covering specific topics such as leadership, starting a new business or networking may work best with a series of one-hour meetings. 

Face to face sessions usually take place at my practice in London – Highbury New Park, London, N5 – or at your place of work.


Please Note: At the moment, I am coaching solely by phone, Zoom or Skype.


Additional Coaching/Agreed Projects

If something urgent occurs that you feel cannot wait until the next scheduled session, I will do my best to help. Any additional time will be charged accordingly. There may also be occasions when you have asked me for input to help you create specific plans or presentations. The time I spend on these projects is meticulously recorded and fairly charged. Again, costs will be agreed with you as and when incurred.


Cancellation Policy

Re-scheduling or cancellation of appointments should be done at least 48 hours before the planned date, otherwise charges will be incurred.



Any information you share with me is treated as confidential whether it is business or personal.


Nature of Coaching

Coaching is not the same as psychological counselling or therapy. If, at any time I feel that counselling or therapy would be more appropriate and beneficial for a client, I will say so. Business Coaching: Coaching advice should not be interpreted in any way as financial advice. Guidance on financial matters should always be sought from qualified financial experts.


Code of Conduct

I am a member of the Association for Coaching and am bound by the Code of Ethics and Good Practice of the AC.

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