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Mentoring at Work

In today's business environment, Mentoring is a highly effective process to help organisations cope with the pace of change and the need for employees to constantly learn and develop.


My coaching skills combined with my broad experience in the corporate environment enable me to offer Mentoring Programmes for individuals, teams and executives working at all levels. As well as advisor and confidante, I can act as an ideas person or sounding board when extra inspiration is needed for creative solutions and concepts.


Anyone wanting to develop a top-notch workforce needs the right game plan for building employee morale, performance, and commitment. By mentoring people, rather than relying on the more traditional management techniques, you will soon see some remarkable results.


At its core, mentoring is a powerful personal development tool that empowers both mentor and the individual being mentored, to form a partnership based on mutual trust and respect. As a knowledgeable and experienced professional, I can act as a perceptive guide and role model, willing to pass on the insights learned through my long business career and life experience.


People are a company’s greatest asset. No matter where you stand on the corporate ladder, or how much authority you have, I’m sure you and the other managers in your organisation feel invested in sharing joint responsibility for upping the performance, and contributing to the well-being of your employees.  


What Does Mentoring Offer Your Business?


○ Helps people cope with the challenge of change within the organisation including new objectives and targets

○ Deal with expansion and contraction - the highs and the lows

○ Nurtures talent and increases loyalty.

○ Helps employees build productive and lasting relationships in the workplace

○ Helps the business foster a more productive and creative corporate culture

○ Increases employee trust and respect

○ Improves business performance

○ Encourages people to feel more emotionally and intellectually engaged

○ Enables you to offer employees a powerful personal and professional development tool

○ Empowers people and helps them increase their confidence and self-belief

○ Encourages learning and skills development

○ An effective process to support and help people deal with stresses and pressures at work   

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