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Mentoring Services


Mentoring for You

Apart from my Professional, Personal, and Business Coaching, I also offer Mentoring when I think it will be the most beneficial and appropriate approach for you. As a Mentor, I draw on my past experience working in the business and corporate environment combined with my coaching background and knowledge.


Mentoring can be particularly effective when you are considering your career progression and looking to improve existing skills or ready to learn new ones. The process will give you space and time to think and reflect about the direction your career is taking. It will help you recognise problem areas and develop your own solutions and provide you with the right tools to deal with the issues that could be hampering your development.


It’s a two-way process - working together, we will build a powerful partnership based on mutual trust and respect. I will offer you the support and guidance you need to manage your own learning, plan your career, develop new capabilities, and improve performance. Because I am familiar with a number of different business environments and have worked with clients at all levels, I have had hands-on experience of many of the complicated and difficult situations you may be facing. You’ll find that as your mentor, I can act as a useful sounding board, offer you insights and advice, and share my knowledge and experience to help guide you through the ups and downs of your career.


Mentoring Can Help You:


○ Cope with the fast pace of change and facilitate your development needs

○ Reflect on your career progression and make plans to evolve and grow

○ Find solutions for career and personal issues and meet problems head on

○ Achieve better work/life balance and manage stress and pressure

○ Feel empowered, build self-confidence, and increase your potential

○ Increase motivation and gain greater fulfilment

○ Improve your emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills


As Your Mentor, My Aim is to:


○ Share my knowledge and skills, insights, and experience

○ Be capable of thinking outside my own solutions and background

○ Be willing to adopt new approaches and create fresh ideas 

○ Ensure you have the resources you need in place

○ Offer you well-judged, unbiased support and guidance

○ Listen carefully to what you have to say without any judgement

○ Let you drive and define the relationship

○ Allow you to feel free to disclose as much or as little as you wish, in complete confidence

○ Ask you perceptive and sometimes challenging questions to get to the heart of the problem

How Does Mentoring Differ from Coaching?


Coaching and Mentoring have much in common, and both offer you valuable benefits.


○ Coaches may be more neutral and focus on goals and performance

○ Coaches have specific training and understanding of coaching processes and will make use of different styles, skills, and techniques

○ Mentors will give advice and share personal experiences, information, and data

○ Mentors usually have specific knowledge and relevant experience of your industry and your role

○ Coaches do not need specific knowledge or experience of your industry

○ Coaches may take the lead and help set objectives and timetables

○ Mentors will encourage you to drive the mentoring partnership and take responsibility for your own learning

○ Mentors are more likely to offer you insights, inspiration, and share ‘wisdom’

○ Mentors may sometimes encourage you to give more background detail about the company, your role, and the culture within the organisation, to help understand a specific issue or problem


Remember, it’s you who determines what your needs are and to choose the help you believe you need the most.

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