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Developing Your Management and Leadership Skills

There are several essential skills that are needed in a strong management team.

They are listed here to help you identify some of the key areas you may want to build and develop.


Coaching goals can then be set, and a roadmap created to help you improve your performance

and interaction with colleagues and clients.

Strategic Thinking – Understand the bigger picture. Grasp the issues

Vision – Develop clear vision and goals. Engage colleagues

Project Management – Give clear direction with authority

Facilitating Meetings – Lead and actively participate in meetings

Decision Making – Take responsibility and be assertive

Promoting Conversations – Be open, honest, and direct

Team Coherence – Maintain clarity, objectivity, and positivity

Performance Management – Set standards and communicate expectations

Creative Thinking – Generate ideas and find inspiration

Emotional Intelligence – Develop empathy and social skills

Advocacy – Promote new ideas, vision, and purpose


These are the main skills that will underpin your successful career progression. If you have any doubts or confidence issues, I will encourage you to take the time you need to think things through. Together, we will then decide what action you want to take, what help you need and create a development plan that works for you. 

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