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Mentoring Services


Company Mentoring Scheme

If you and other key decision-makers are committed to nurturing and building the talent pool within the organisation, I can help you set up your own Mentoring Scheme and choose and train the executives who will make the best Mentors.


Do the following statements reflect the views of you and your senior management? If so, then launching a Company Mentoring Programme is the right move to make.

○ We recognise the need to invest in our most talented executives and develop their potential so we can continue to build our successful business and maintain our competitive edge


○ We have good people who have some valuable personal strengths and there are specific and important areas we would like to help them improve


 We recognise that some members of our team are talented but that they may not be reaching their full potential


○ We would like to accelerate the time it takes to facilitate our senior people to work as a coherent, productive team


○ We have some strong individuals who we would like to see working closer together as a team and we understand the importance of making the best match


○ We sometimes feel our key people live and breathe their work 24:7 and this can affect performance; we would like to help them attain a better work/life balance yet still achieve excellent results


○ New business is our life’s blood; we want to optimise the creative efforts and talents of the main team players to attract more clients/contracts


○ Creativity is vital to our business and we would like to help our people become more inspired and able to think ‘outside the box’


 We have an effective HR department and sound training programmes, but we want to enhance what they are doing by introducing a Mentoring Scheme with Mentors who can tailor-make the process to suit individual needs


○ We want Mentors who fully understand the nuances and demands of our business as well as the corporate world in which we and our clients operate – so they can help us create the most effective Mentoring Programme



If some or all these statements resonate with you, then an In-House Mentoring Scheme will help find solutions and a constructive way forward to nurture and develop your people. The Programme can be tailor-made to complement any skills and competency frameworks that are already in place.


The first step is to contact me so that we can talk in more depth about your company’s needs, then I will produce a fully costed proposal and timetable.


The next step is to lay the framework for your organisation’s individual programme and training for would-be mentors.


I have helped several clients set up successful mentoring programmes. Once the scheme is up and running – my involvement reduces and all that may be required are occasional review meetings to refresh or modify existing schemes.

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