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Coaching for Professionals

Recent developments are disrupting the business landscape as never before, and to survive and succeed, our collective response requires proactivity, creativity, confidence, and resilience. Professional Coaching can help you build these strengths, boost your performance, and prepare you for this volatile time of change and transition.


Coaching enables you to assess your work and career in fast-moving and economically turbulent times and create a plan of action so you can deal with the challenges. I can give you the support you need to set fresh goals, increase your motivation, hone existing skills, and learn important new ones. You may find your best move, given the current climate, is to envisage a new direction, an alternative career path or perhaps, to reinvent yourself.


If you are one of the company’s main decision-makers or a business owner, then you will probably be looking for a range of enterprising and resourceful solutions right now. I can help you create a plan to take your business forward and improve the performance and resilience of your employees. Providing coaching support for the most promising people is a proven method of building and retaining top talent and a sound investment in your company’s continued success.    

How My Approach Helps

Individuals: Develop personal and professional skills. Assess your strengths and identify skills gaps. Improve your performance. Prepare the ground for career progression, career change or re-invention. 


Executives: Build leadership skills. Expand your capabilities and progress your career. Develop your emotional intelligence and communications skills.


Senior Management: Sharpen management skills. Improve your strategic thinking and decision making. Boost your creativity and blue sky thinking. 


Businesses: Achieve ambitious targets by growing talented individuals and teams. Increase their performance and motivation with tailor-made professional development coaching programmes. Embrace diversity.


Organisations: Identify the priorities. Develop and retain your best people. Invest in succession planning. If you need to pivot or repurpose your business, understand how to maintain a positive attitude and buoyant company culture.

Some of the Areas I Cover

Career Progression: Building all-round competencies including leadership, teamwork, decision-making, tenacity, problem-solving, interpersonal skills and social confidence. 


Career Change: Exploring options and creating realistic plans. Making accurate and objective assessments. Crafting new powerful CVs/Personal Biographies. Honing interview techniques.


Strategic Thinking: Developing personal vision and focus. Anticipating and handling change. Staying flexible and setting benchmarks for reassessment, review, and reinvention. Making hard ‘head over heart’ decisions.  


Motivation: Discovering hidden strengths. Finding inspiration, greater purpose, and enthusiasm. Keeping on track with goals and plans. Reframing negativity into positivity. Understanding creative blocks and drivers.


Time Management: Getting the maximum from each day. Valuing time and productivity. Increasing your contribution. Discovering techniques and tools for managing distractions!


Networking: Growing your connections and making the most of your contacts. Identifying A-List targets. Network mapping, planning and timeframes.


Stress Management: Finding strategies to cope with anxiety and stress. Survival skills for working in high-pressure environments. Handling difficult situations and confrontation. Maintaining work/life balance. 


Leadership: Fostering open and frank communications. Being authentic. Inspiring and motivating people. Being comfortable with assertion and maintaining control. Overcoming office politics and negativity. Delivering the good and the bad news.


Emotional Intelligence: Developing self-knowledge and empathy. Nurturing relationships. Resolving conflict. Increasing social skills. Working co-operatively and productively with colleagues at all levels. 


Setting Goals: Aligning goals with abilities and potential. Analysing your career values. Understanding your personal talents and where your interests lie.


Addressing Problems: Dealing with emotional issues in the workplace. Appreciation of trust, confidentiality, and setting boundaries. Giving and receiving constructive criticism. Supporting diversity, equality, and inclusion.


Becoming a Better Team Player: Appreciating the value of commitment, support, and respect. Developing active listening skills. Speaking up and making a measurable contribution. 

Key Ingredients in the Coaching Mix include:

Exploration, analysis, reflection, encouragement, objective feedback, and independent advice. 

Creating Professional Development Plans (PDPs) that build strengths and expertise, address skills gaps and enhance your reputation. Prepare the ground for future career moves and progress.  


Acquiring essential Management Skills including vison and focus, strategic and creative thinking; leadership, resilience and positivity, decision making, motivating and building top teams, performance management and advocacy. 


Exploring Values and Beliefs in your personal and professional life and incorporating them in your goals and action plans now and for the future.


How to be Authentic: Developing the Habits of an Authentic Person. Owning your actions and aligning them with your beliefs and needs. Achieving harmony and being in tune with who you are and what you want from your life and work.

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