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Life Coaching

When I first speak to a potential client, I always ask what prompted them to pick up the phone and ask me for help. The answers vary, but a common thread is they all wanted to make some positive change to their lives.


They also felt this wasn’t something they could accomplish on their own. Although most had the support of friends, family, and partners, they still longed to talk frankly to someone completely neutral, who could give them objective feedback and advice.


As a professional Coach, you will find you can talk to me, in confidence, about your life and work (the good and the bad), and start to think more clearly about your goals and options. This will enable you to create a dynamic action plan and find the motivation to make the changes that will take you forward.


Together, we will identify the right strategies to deal with any issues that may be holding you back. It’s my job to help you take the steps that will empower you and facilitate greater fulfilment and success in your life and work.

I Can Help You:

Set Important Goals: Explore your core values and beliefs. Identify your priorities.  Chose personal goals that will enable you to make change for the better.  Remain positive in new and challenging times.


Find the Best Strategies: Explore all the options that will help you progress. Overcome the obstacles and issues that are getting in your way.


Build Your Self-Confidence: Start to concentrate on your strengths. Recognise your good points and abilities. Learn to trust and believe in yourself.


Stay Motivated: Adopt the habit of positive thinking. Understand creative blocks and drivers. Practise good time management. Keep on track with goals and plans.


Deal with Career Issues: Make the most of your talents. Handle difficult relationships. Learn how to give and accept constructive criticism. Become more confident and assertive. Be flexible and handle pressure. Deal with change.


Career Planning: Explore your aspirations and ambitions. Assess your strengths. Address weaknesses and skills gaps. Visualise your future, your reputation and legacy.


Improve Communications: Build your interpersonal skills and social confidence. Feel comfortable articulating your feelings and opinions to friends, loved ones and work colleagues. Know when to ask for support and guidance.

Manage Stress Levels: Find the right strategies to manage stress and anxiety. Learn to handle difficult situations and deal with confrontation. Achieve better work/life balance. Deal with personal, professional, and economic pressures.


Become More Self-Aware: Learn to be more open and less hard on yourself. Set and respect boundaries. Start making decisions that work best for you, not to please others. Increase emotional intelligence. Be authentic, own your actions and align them with your beliefs and needs.


Fully Engage with Life: Explore your passions! Pursue your interests and find new diversions. Create a plan to get more out of your life, work, and leisure time. Express yourself and explore your sense of humour. Broaden your horizons.


Build Resilience: At work and in your life. With partners, friends, family, and work colleagues. Learn coping strategies to deal with the new reality of our times – the big issues affecting our lives, from pandemics, protests, and social movements, to global warming, and the environment.


Develop Your Personal Philosophy: Explore values and beliefs. Acquire the ability to deal with complex emotions. Stay pro-active, creative, and flexible. Maintain confidence and optimism. Embrace diversity, equality, and inclusion. 


Plan a Successful Retirement: Develop a clear vision. Build an enduring framework and foundation for the years ahead. Support your mental, spiritual, and physical well-being. Reflect on heritage and legacy.

Key Ingredients in the Life Coaching Mix

Exploration, analysis, reflection, support, objective feedback and encouragement.


Creating your PDP (Personal Development Plan) to help reach your potential and fulfil your aspirations. Deal with change and new directions.


Using the G.R.O.W. Coaching Model (Goals – Reality Check – Options and Wrap Up) to check out where you are in life right now. Explore and agree important steps to take you forward to where you want to be.


Completing the Circle of Life process. An exercise to help you identify and assess the key aspects of your life and achieve better balance personally and professionally.


Creating Strategic Life and Work Plans for the short term and for the years ahead. Establish priorities, agree goals, actions, and deadlines. Schedule regular reviews. 


Tailor-made plans for Students and School Leavers to help make difficult career choices. Remaining positive. Learning to be realistic and flexible. Agree frameworks, action points and timetables. Construct powerful CVs and work on interview techniques.


Career Lifeline Mapping: Setting out the course of your past, present and future career. Identify key learning experiences. Lay down plans for progress, development, change and success.


Keys to a Successful Retirement Life: Build structure and foundation to plan the future for yourself/for you and your partner. Tailor-made Q&A’s and assessments.


Fine-tuning Your Philosophy: Considering your values and beliefs. Acquiring insights and seeking wisdom. Being curious and open to new ideas and perspectives. Exploring the meaning of global citizenship – dynamics, ethics, purpose, and reflection. Determining personal commitment and support for positive change. Being authentic and taking responsibility for your role and actions.

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