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Carole Deighton

Coaching for Life, Work and Business

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About Carole Deighton


I have always been interested in people and learning more about their thoughts and ideas.  My professional life has been spent advising and guiding individuals from all walks of life, from the young assistant making their way in the world to the top executive needing to sharpen their abilities and address new business challenges.  A cornerstone of my philosophy is the belief that when you encourage people and have faith in them, you bring them closer to realising their goals and ambitions.  


Coaching is a creative two-way process, a time to reflect and focus on the future – and it’s often a surprising voyage of discovery! If you feel it’s time for a change, I’ll be an independent, caring voice who’ll give you the support, feedback and guidance you need to improve your life and career.

How Coaching Can Help You

We are living in challenging and uncertain times with big issues that affect our daily lives. To accept this new reality, we need resilience, confidence, optimism, and support. Coaching will empower you to make the right changes, develop and grow personally and professionally, as well as find coping strategies to deal with the new normal.


Improve Your Life and Work  

As an experienced coach, I will help you improve your life and gain more fulfilment from your work. If you’re thinking about how to make positive change and you are not sure about the right steps to take, I can offer you the professional support and objective feedback you need to create the right action plan.


Discover Fresh Ideas + Focus + Clarity

I specialise in business coaching and mentoring, developing management and leadership skills and setting inspiring life and work goals. I will help you change direction in your business, make a wise career move or smooth the way forward for a would-be entrepreneur starting from scratch. Whether you are a corporate executive, a creative professional, or business owner; working from home, or between jobs; my coaching will provide fresh ideas, greater focus, and clarity. I will give you the insights and advice necessary to make positive changes to your personal and professional life.


Support for Challenging Times

In the current uncertain economic climate, many companies, SMEs and creative professionals, will need to find new ways to repurpose and pivot their businesses and careers. This will require many of us to reinvent ourselves, to be proactive and at our most resourceful and creative. In challenging times, we need to feel positive about the future. Coaching is an invaluable process that brings out the best in people, empowering them to realise their full potential.


Try a Free Coaching Session

If you’re thinking about how you could improve your life, work or business, I’m offering a free introductory session (via Skype, Zoom or phone) to review where you are now and look at where you want to be. It’s a great opportunity to discover what my coaching can do for you.

Ready to Take the Next Step?


Complete my Coaching Q&A and find out more about the positive

changes you could be making

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